What We Do

We help minority youth find the resources and the help to build success within their lives.

Active Programs

We are active community members that work closely with many different organizations around the Sioux Falls area. Below we've listed some of the current programs available through TOC.

Additionally, we produce documentaries about bringing diversity to the Sioux Falls community, a preview of which you can view here.

Translators of Cultures Youth Initiative

The purpose of the TOC youth leadership club activities is to prepare our youth to be inclusive and culturally sensitive, and help them live and work and be leaders in a changing and culturally diverse world.

Our Weekly meetings focus on

- Peer support and peer mentoring activities
- Leadership training;
- Identifying school and community needs and practicing leadership skills
- Community volunteering,
- Community presentations & community outreach;
- Documentary films productions, which a focus on cultures, identity, fairness, and inclusion.


Adults Mentoring Minority Youth

Caring adults who provide support to immigrant and refugee students to help them gain confidence to be successful in school and in life.

The AMMY program offers help to minority youth at risk. AMMY mentors promote minority youth advocacy and participate in diversity training. The program has a positive correlation with increased graduation rates and gives minority students a sense of belonging.

Mothers for LOVE

Leading / Organizing
Volunteering / Encouraging

Mothers for LOVE is a group of parents from a variety of countries. They are community members and volunteers. They aspire to be a bridge between minority youth and families and the SF public schools. They are a support group for minority children and youth.

“What can we do for the kids in schools? Mothers bring love and cultures to the world,” - Esperanza, an artist, an educator, and a mother and a grandmother from Colombia.

Community Cultural Celebrations

Fashion & Talent shows, sharing stories about immigrant and refugee experiences & building community connections.

During the pandemic, talent shows transitioned to virtual events that could be shared with businesspeople, schools, and for professional development activities.

Dial 211 to Sign Up For Volunteering

We are always looking to grow our volunteering community.

Translators of Cultures
Youth Initiative

Translators of Cultures Youth leaders are launching a seven session workshop on becoming community leaders and building community connections. We are inviting SF community leaders to be presenters of this class.

Through this Youth Initiative, TOC leaders want to explore the following areas:

  • What is a roadmap for our youth to become leaders and achieve success?
  • How to set up life goals as well as professional goals?
  • How to find the right mentor?
  • How to learn resiliency and to face and overcome challenges/failures?
  • Learn about different kinds of leaders from  successful leaders of our community.
  • Compare American style of a leader with styles and variations from around the world.
  • Create a dialogue and get to know each other. Have Fun.
Youth Leaders - 06

We are Grateful For Your Participation

We, Translators of Cultures Youth Leaders, want to learn how to create a roadmap to success.

Youth As Leaders
Adults as Mentors

TOC Youth leadership program provides immigrant and refugee students with competence, confidence and growing commitment to become leaders, while helping our youth to maintain their cultural identity and keep pride in their cultures, and in their parents’ cultures.

Discussions and activities in this program target the following skills: Leadership, Initiative, Creativity, Responsibility, Confidence, and Public speaking.

TOC leadership training prepares minority youth to become volunteers and & do community outreach.

Over the years, we have engaged hundreds of students and their families.

Donate To Support Our Progams and Volunteers

Our volunteers work hard to provide the best possible programs to our community and to connect members of minority cultures with those that can help them grow. Please consider a donation or volunteering to help us achieve our mission.