Past Projects


Below are listed some of the past programs created and implemented by TOC (Translators of Cultures)

Past TOC Programs

We are active community members that work closely with many different organizations around the Sioux Falls area. Below we’ve listed some of the current programs available through TOC.

Community Outreach

During the pandemic, TOC leaders distributed food supplies, masks, and protective gear. TOC leaders organized Zoom meetings with parents, giving them information regarding the pandemic and the new virus. Safety standards and knowledge were shared.

TOC students created colorful cards and wrote messages to elderly citizens of Sioux Falls who experienced isolation from family and friends during the pandemic.

Shoes & Boots

WMS & WHS program focused on students tutoring immigrant and refugee students twice a week. The program focused on academic help and also on relationships, cultures, and social norms. The program offered academic help (tutoring) helped to create friendships and peer connections, educated about cultures, and social norms.

Memory Garden

  • Collected stories of US War Veterans and Refugees.
  • Worked with 100 children in elementary and middle schools, reading and illustrating those stories.
  • The art was transferred to bricks and laid in the Memory Bricks Garden.

How To Volunteer

We are always looking to grow our volunteering community.

Dial 211 to Volunteer

We are Grateful For Your Participation

We, Translators of Cultures Youth Leaders, want to learn how to create a roadmap to success.

Youth As Leaders

TOC Youth leadership program provides immigrant and refugee students with competence, confidence and growing commitment to become leaders, while helping our youth to maintain their cultural identity and keep pride in their cultures, and in their parents’ cultures.

Discussions and activities in this program target the following skills: Leadership, Initiative, Creativity, Responsibility, Confidence, and Public speaking.

TOC leadership training prepares minority youth to become volunteers and & do community outreach.

Over the years, we have engaged hundreds of students and their families.

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