Translators of Cultures

Building A Stronger Sioux Falls Immigrant Community

A message from Dave Rozenboom - President at First PREMIER Bank

We Help Minority Youth Make Successful Transitions

The struggles facing our minority population as they transition into life as South Dakotans are intense. They have literally left behind everything with the HOPE that things will be better here.

Cultural differences and misunderstandings only compound the issues. We are working to provide programs to give our youth a chance to make this transition successful.

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Trusted Community Partners.

We are here for the long haul. Connecting hearts and communities is what we do, and creating cultural inclusion is our goal. We've been a trusted community member with 20+ years of experience teaching, growing, educating, and celebrating cultures.

How It Works

Inclusive culturally diverse communities start with us!


Explore Our Programs

We are creating opportunities for awareness, cultural diversity, and inclusion through our youth mentorship and leadership programs. We guide successful transitions into our community.



Come to our events to experience how a diverse community leads to unique perspectives and innovation. Awareness of cultural differences and similarities is key to our success.


Support Our Cause

Volunteers and Donations help us to provide a greater impact. Our programs guide our youth with adult and peer mentorship opportunities as well as leadership workshops. We can't do it without your help.

Translators Of Culture Is Perfect For

People Who Care About Sioux Falls

Our organization has designed and implemented programs for the Sioux Falls middle school and high school youth since 2005. These programs directly affect the quality of life for refugees, minorities, immigrants, and new Americans.

People Who Want To Make An Impact

You can make a difference in a young person's life by providing a positive experience through mentorship. Leadership workshops help our youth grow confidence and skills to be successful community members. 

People Who Can Support Our Cause

There are many of us who can make a difference. We have the means and ability to give of ourselves in such a way that is so very needed. Do you know someone who wants to do something for the greater good of humanity? Here's your chance.

“Different colors, different cultures, the same heart.”

Translators of Cultures (TOC)/MYA is a non-profit organization which serves refugee and immigrant youth and families. It strengthens the relationships of minority youth, schools and families. It strives to help the New Americans to stay in school, become leaders in school and in our community. It offers our youth numerous opportunities of community involvement and leadership roles.


We provide minority youth with the resources and guidance to build success within their lives.